Thermal inkjet printers – Features and top finds

Thermal inkjet printers – Features and top finds

Today, printing is a necessary component of both daily life and business, and thanks to technological innovation, the process is much simpler and more versatile than in the past. There are many kinds of printers on the market, but today we’ll discuss industrial thermal inkjet printers and their features, as well as some top choices that can be the greatest fit for your needs. Here’s what you need to know about these printers.

Thermal Inkjet Printer
TIJ Printer is a type of printer that uses a standard ink cartridge system without using a bottle of any ink or solvent. This printer works on a simple science; the ink cartridge has hundreds of tiny nozzles attached to it, and when the current is passed through these nozzles, it leads to the heating of the ink filled in them. Because of heat, the ink expands in these nozzles into a bubble, creating a pressure that forces it to drip out of the nozzle onto the surface (paper). This simple technique is used for this kind of printer.

Benefits of choosing the right industrial thermal inkjet printer
Economical choice
When it comes to different types of printers, the thermal inkjet printers are more economical than the other popular choice, the Continuous Inkjet Printers or CIJ Printers. The price difference is almost 5 times.

Easy maintenance
Thanks to the simple and efficient technology used, the maintenance cost of this printer is next to nothing. They only need a change of ink cartridges when required. Other than that, no maintenance work is necessary.

Better resolution
These printers come with a 600 dpi print resolution, much higher than that of CJI technology leading to much clarity in printing. They are high-resolution printers and perfect for barcodes and graphics that can be scanned and read easily.

Easy availability
While all printers are easily available, thermal inkjet printers are specifically known for their easy production due to no complication during maintenance. This ensures that there are no bottlenecks or delays for the customer. This is an easy and favorable aspect for many businesses since they need easy and fast access to these resources.

Smaller footprint
Compared to CIJ printers, these TIJ printers take much less space and are easy to integrate into factories and offices. They weigh only around two to five pounds and can easily be moved around when necessary.

Sustainable choice
Many experts have also commented on the printer’s added benefit of being economical and environmentally friendly. Since there is no maintenance required due to the no wear and tear, these printers can be used for years without having to discard them. Every time a new ink cartridge is added to the printer, it is almost like getting rid of the old one and getting a new machine. No wastage of ink is observed, and it also ensures a clean and safe work environment with no spills. All these tick-off TIJ printers to be a sustainable choice for any business and office.

Popular TIJ printers
They have two popular choices of printers: the Videojet 8520 TIJ Printer and the Wolke m610 touch TIJ Printer. They both use extensive communication technology, which works on secondary applications and remote control. They also come with a high-resolution print of up to 600 dpi that can be efficient for small and large font codes. Get in touch with their sales team to understand the necessary features of each model, which make them slightly different from one another. There is also an option to get a Remote Service which helps in elevating the troubleshooting experience if there is any.

Inkjet, INC
They have 4 different models, namely the Anser U2 Smart, Anser US SmartOne, Anser U2 PRO-S, and Anser X1. The Anser X1 is popular for its futuristic technology integrated with the simple printing technique. This type of printer is responsible for controlling two different lines of production, which can easily save time and money for a business, leading to more production in the same amount of time. The maximum printing speed on this printer is 300m per minute which is way higher than most printers available on the market. It is also capable of printing 2-inch codes onto the items. Another important feature of this printer is that it is dust resistant and has a higher degree of water protection than the rest of the printers, making it a safe choice for work environments. This model also comes with robust screen protection, which makes it safe to be used in a work environment with potential site accidents.

Their product Linx TJ50 is another reliable and high-performing printer in the market which is a popular choice amongst many. It is used to print text, machine-readable codes, and graphics on a variety of products. These products have materials ranging from aluminum, film, and coated cards, and LDPE bottles, and the printing is as clear as day. You can use the message templates already available in the software or even create new text of your own that can be easily printed.

Speak to an expert before investing in printers, check for prices from various suppliers, and see what works best in your budget, especially if you need more than one printer.