Reasons Why Ray-Ban Glasses are a Great Choice

Reasons Why Ray-Ban Glasses are a Great Choice

Sunglasses are a form of eyewear which are designed to protect the eye from sunlight, and UV rays, high-energy lights from damaging the eyes. They are sometimes also used as visual aids and also as an accessory to enhance the look of an individual. Having colored, darkened or polarized lenses, sunglasses or sun shades were referred to as ‘sun cheaters’ in the early 20th century.

Sunglasses are recommended when a person is out in the sun to prevent the eyes from getting damaged by blue light and UV rays. Sunglasses are also worn by people who have just undergone some surgical procedure of the eye.

Ray-Ban glasses

Be it a bike ride or a beach party, sunglasses are a favorite fashion accessory among fashionistas since the 1940s. Ray-Ban is a brand of eyewear and sunglasses and was founded by Bausch & Lomb, an American Company in 1937. Ray-Ban is best known for their range of Aviators and Wayfarers.

In the year 1999, the brand was sold to the Italian Luxottica Group. Among all other eyewear brands available in the market, Ray-Ban has carved its name as the most iconic. Originally Bausch & Lomb manufactured Ray-Ban sunglasses for American airmen but today, having a trendy pair of Ray-Ban glasses is definitely every fashionista’s dream. Their most popular sunglasses are Aviators and Wayfarers.

Ray-Ban Aviators

While flying high and fast, pilots reported that the glare they experienced was leading to headaches, vision problems, and altitude sickness and reduced their ability to function at the altitude required for military action. The only solution to this was a pair of dark glasses to protect the eyes while at the same time allowing one to see what is around.
Bausch & Lomb were approached with a request to manufacture a pair of glasses that would limit the sun’s glare without restricting the vision of the pilots. After several experiments, the first Aviator made of a green lens with plastic frames were produced. Soon, metal frames replaced the plastic ones.
After a couple of years, these Aviator Ray-Ban glasses were marketed as premium eyewear for the general public who could afford it. The use of these pairs had now moved beyond just military use to others who worked and lived outdoors. Need to make a style statement? Ray-Ban Aviators are what you need to wear.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

The 1950s was a glamorous era. The first Ray-Ban Wayfarer was manufactured in 1956 and was completely different in looks from the aviator. The frame was made of the then modern technology of molded plastic. The frame of the sunglasses flared out like pointed wings, it had lenses shaped like an almond. The silver screen of Hollywood became the ultimate fashion trendsetter during those days and Wayfarer was a favorite, both on and off the silver screen.

Polarized lenses from Ray-Ban

A polarized lens is coated with a special film of chemicals which helps to reduce the glare of the sun. This helps to see objects clearly and reduces the effect of harmful UV rays. Normal sunglasses only help to reduce the amount of light transmitted through the lens both vertically and horizontally. The chemical film on the lens of sunglasses that are polarized is designed in such a manner that they allow vertical light waves to pass through while absorbing horizontal waves. Because of this, in polarized lenses, light travels only in one direction and thus eliminates glare. So if you are a fashion freak who cares for your eyes, this is the lens you need to look out for.

This famous brand has definitely made a huge difference in the world of eyewear. It is an essential style statement for fashionable men and women around the globe for decades. Ray-Ban glasses are the perfect pair of sunglasses for people who are in search of sophisticated and premium quality sunglasses.