Popular Models of LG Washer and Dryers to Choose From

Popular Models of LG Washer and Dryers to Choose From

Laundry requirements differ for each family. The selection criteria include the frequency of use, laundry load, cleaning needs, etc. LG is one of the leading players in the washing machine and dryers market. LG washer and dryers have been recommended by loyal users for their excellent cleaning and drying performance, enhanced by the ease of use, and flexible wash cycles. There are several LG washers and dryers models to choose from.

Top-load or front-load machines

First, you must choose from top-load or front-load machines. High-efficiency top-load machines have multiple options for wash cycles. The impeller washer system has a cylinder at the base of the drum which gently tosses clothes around. This feature is important for the longevity of the fabric and your clothes will keep looking as good as new, year after year. It consumes less energy but needs high-efficiency (HE) laundry detergents.

Front-load machines tend to clean better. Automatic sensors determine the water requirements, based on the load capacity. These might not be ideal for people with knee or back pain since bending down to load and unload clothes might be an inconvenience. However, the height of the machine can be elevated using pedestals that come at an additional cost. If you have a small laundry area, compact front-load LG washer and dryers combos can be easily stacked vertically.

Popular models of LG washer and dryers

There is an exhaustive range of options to choose from. Here are some popular LG washer and dryers combos:


This front-loading washing machine has a turbo wash feature that finishes a washing cycle in half an hour flat. Cycles for stain removal, sanitization, and allergen removal are great for families with hectic outdoor and sports routines, children, or pets. This model from LG washer and dryers comes at a competitive price of around $899.


This machine has 5.2 cu.ft capacity, a sanitizing wash option, and a sleek look. It has a quick turbo wash cycle. This means getting a big load of laundry done in very less time. This model is priced at around $1600.


This model has a tilted drum which is user-friendly to load and unload the clothes. It also has a 30-minute turbo wash feature.


This is a great front-loading washer dryer. The machine sets a timer based on the load; however, some user reviews suggest that the cycle takes longer than expected. The excellent cleaning and drying in this model, from the LG washer and dryers range, makes the unpredictable cycle finish an easy tradeoff. The machine is silent even at high-spinning cycles and is one of the popular models.

LG WD12595FD6

This is an old model but still very popular because of its capacity, great stain removal, and steam drying and sanitizing features in the dryer.


User reviews suggest that besides the features mentioned above, this LG washer and dryers model has economical soap and water use. It makes for a great buy to cut down associated costs of laundry detergents and water bills. The tub can be cleaned using a steam-clean feature.


This model has a sleek design. It has 9kg washing capacity and 5kg drying capacity. The cleaning cycles tend to take long but offer excellent end results.

Things to remember

There are some more points to keep in mind while making the purchase. Read user reviews carefully for practical tips that might not come out clearly just by reading the model specifications. Next, decide your requirements and suitable features beforehand to avoid the chance of being swayed by the mind-boggling array of options available in the market. This is likely to save you both time and money. Moreover, look for deals at multiple stores and scout for online discounts. Shopping around Black Friday or Veteran’s Day might save you hundreds of dollars.