Best Furniture Stores in the Country

Best Furniture Stores in the Country

No one can deny the importance of furniture. Furniture, like a sofa, can add sophistication to your space like nothing else. A piece of furniture can make a whole lot of difference — whether it is in your house, garden or even your workplace. It can help complement the intricacies of your area and make it the perfect place for you to unwind and relax. Ever entered a house that felt so gorgeous you wished it was yours? Furniture must have definitely played a huge role in that!

It can be difficult looking for furniture stores and shopping for furniture. But it doesn’t need to be anymore. You can save lots of time and energy by going through the list below. The list is a compilation of the best furniture and sofa stores in the country. Some of these are high-end stores, while others are for those people who are looking for more affordable options. Overall, it will provide you with a mix of options to choose from.

Top furniture stores in the country


It is known for being the world’s largest furniture retailer. Ikea provides affordable and modern furniture that is on trend. It provides everything from home furniture to office furniture.

Retrofit Furniture

This store is your go-to store if you want vintage furniture. Its furniture consists of rustic and modern styles that give your space the edge.


Target is one of the known names when it comes to affordable furniture. This store has all types of furniture for your entire home. It often puts large furniture items on sale.

Consort Furniture

This furniture store provides high-quality and the latest collection of home furniture. It has some essential furniture for office spaces as well.

Home Goods

If you want to own luxury furniture at low prices, Home Goods is for you. It has around 600 stores across the U.S.

Kudzu Antiques

This store has one of the best antiques and modern furniture available in the U.S. It has mid-century and industrial collections perfect for your home.

Nadeau Furniture

Do you want to own unique and homemade furniture? Then choose Nadeau Furniture, made from real solid wood. It also comes at a low cost!

Herman Miller Furniture

This furniture store is for anyone who wants to own modern furniture that stands out. The furniture items are unique and eye-catching.

Big Lots Furniture

This furniture store sells items which other stores do not. It sells new furniture items too. You get all types of furniture at a pretty cheap price.

Malachite Home

This store contains furniture that is high-end and innovative. The furniture is interesting and provides brilliant antiques.

Bob’s Discount Furniture

This furniture store offers you with the option to order online or go to the store. It provides you with some of the best deals on furniture items in the country.

Stuff Furniture

This furniture store houses distinctive pieces and especially has a diverse range of sofas. It provides you with excellent quality furniture for home and outside.

Ashley Furniture

If you are looking for a mid-level price range of furniture then choose Ashley. This furniture store comes with a plethora of items such as décor, bar carts, throws, bedding and more.

Hudson Furniture

This furniture store has a mix of vintage pieces and contemporary furniture. It has cool undertones. The furniture also includes benches, consoles, chairs, and sculptures.

La-Z-Boy Furniture

This is best for those people who are looking for pieces of furniture such as sofas and recliners. It provides all types of sofas and seating items including lift chairs and sleeper sofas.

West Elm Furniture

This furniture store is for young buyers. It provides you with a stylish collection of furniture for your home. It consists of accessories too for your space.

James Furniture

This furniture store has all the furniture you need. It includes mattresses and accessories for your home. It has occasional sales too.

Prepare yourself for the joy of furniture and sofa shopping. Visit any of the stores mentioned above or go through their websites. Get the furniture you have always wanted to own. Turn your dream space into reality with the help of these stores.